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Violence in lesbian relationships

Posted on: август 2, 2009

If you are a woman and a victime at this very moment of domestic or partnership violence CALL 911 for emergency (US) or your local police and medical departments

This issue is a mirror to Bulgarian language issue on the same topic. As a major information the two will equal each other, however in legislature section there will be differences. In the English issue I will try to cover and focus on American, European and other countries legislature, while the Bulgarian issue will concentrate on Bulgarian legislature and some European probably.

Please have in mind that the author, ie me, is living in Bulgaria so I may not know exactly the situation – social, political, economic, law, etc. in your own country, I could only be suggestive for some typical features of lesbian partnership violence.

Therefore in this issue I could only share my own views based on my own experience and also readership, reflecting mostly the specifity of Bulgaria as a new European member.

If you have something to share as a personal experience in this topic feel free to write me at

the article is now being written, please be patient, last edit: 21:00 2.8.2009


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